Definition of calcic in US English:



  • (chiefly of minerals) containing or relatively rich in calcium.

    • ‘Tauride dykes contain less calcic plagioclase than their host cumulates, like the Kinik ophiolites.’
    • ‘In the most complete survey of what is called the Rock Hill gabbro, Chalcraft mapped a large area of gabbroic anorthosite (77.5-90% calcic plagioclase) at the site where the preserve is located.’
    • ‘The original hornblende crystals have partially decomposed to form a mesh of ortho- and clinopyroxene and extremely calcic plagioclase.’
    • ‘Some of the studied rocks (particularly gabbros) show high alumina characteristics probably reflecting the high modal content of very calcic plagioclase.’
    • ‘Detailed elemental and isotopic studies of this crystal fractionation pathway have indicated the importance of mafic phases, notably calcic clinopyroxene and biotite.’
    • ‘Humid phases have been identified from the presence of palaeokarst, leached vertisols and rare spodosol palaeosols, while more and phases are expressed as calcretes associated with rendolls and calcic vertisols.’
    • ‘High calcic liming materials contain small amounts of magnesium.’