Definition of calcareous in English:



  • 1Containing calcium carbonate; chalky.

    • ‘And it's a cairn with a view, and the mound of ground it is perched on is a jewel of calcareous grassland, flowering with the round heads of Woolly Thistles and a spray of Harebells.’
    • ‘Near the beginning of the trail, such species as Zanthoxylum americanum and Quercus muhlenbergii attested to the calcareous nature of the soils.’
    • ‘During egg-laying, birds increase consumption of calcareous grit to obtain sufficient calcium for eggshell formation.’
    • ‘The area has non-calcareous, brown loamy clayey soils, developed from calcareous marl.’
    • ‘Around London, R. triquetrus is now largely restricted to calcareous soils, whereas P. schreberi, a strict calcifuge, remains frequent on acid soils in this region.’
    • ‘Whether a USGA-specified or California green is constructed, if calcareous sand is used, there will be a soil with a pH near 8.0.’
    • ‘However, it is the ability to tolerate excessive Al, Mn and Fe that largely determines the flora of acid soils, and an insensitivity to Fe- and P-deficiencies that determines the flora of calcareous soils.’
    • ‘It forms a mosaic of various habitats from woodland and ponds, to herb-rich calcareous grassland, resulting in a rich bio-reservoir of flora and fauna.’
    • ‘Because of their ability to secrete calcium carbonate, calcareous red algae have a better Phanerozoic fossil record than many other groups of algal protists.’
    • ‘The Ravine Forests were distinguished from other deciduous woodlands by their high, steep bank slopes, calcareous soils and their associated calciphilic flora.’
    • ‘Laessle noted the importance of the calcareous nature of the midden soil and its affect on species distribution on the Orange Point shell mound in Florida.’
    • ‘Fritted iron can be used on acid soils, but it isn't suitable for use on alkaline or calcareous soils (with calcium carbonate).’
    • ‘Little used by cars so far, it has actually become a calcareous (calcium-rich) grassland grazed by sheep and horses.’
    • ‘This species grows poorly on calcareous soils, but when some of its roots are exposed to distilled water containing Al, its growth is improved.’
    • ‘Conversely the blinding white calcareous albariza soils of Jerez produce high-quality sherries, possibly because of reflectance qualities in high temperatures.’
    • ‘Many parrotfishes feed on calcareous algae (algae that are high in mineral calcium) growing on dead, exposed coral by biting off chunks and turning them into a fine paste.’
    • ‘The fungus can thrive in calcareous clay loam soils with a pH range of 7.0 to 8.5.’
    • ‘Phytosiderophores are highly effective in solubilization and mobilization of Zn and Fe in calcareous soils and are involved in the uptake of these nutrients by roots.’
    • ‘Symptoms of iron chlorosis, observed as yellow striping on corn leaves, may occur on highly calcareous or saline-sodic soils with pH levels above 7.8.’
    • ‘The soil is calcareous, has a franc-sandy texture and moderate salinity (8000 m cm - 2 electrical conductivity at the surface).’
    • ‘These prairies, like the Black Belt, have rich soils derived from calcareous bedrock.’
    • ‘Cast enough doubt on enough results and the legitimacy of every elected officeholder dissolves like the calcareous shells of so much phytoplankton doused in nitric and sulfuric acid.’
    • ‘The Ph conditions should be ideally calcareous or neutral.’
    • ‘For the establishment of A. montana the calcareous soil conditions would not have been appropriate.’
    • ‘The soils here are calcareous with clay and sand.’
    • ‘Kidney stones are broadly categorised into calcareous (calcium containing) stones, which are radio-opaque, and non-calcareous stones.’
    • ‘In contrast, Al, at all concentrations tested, inhibited growth in an Al-sensitive race whose provenance was a calcareous soil.’
    1. 1.1Ecology (of vegetation) occurring on chalk or limestone.
      • ‘At the McCoy mine locality, these strata were mapped as an informal unit of calcareous shale and thin-bedded limestone by Dane and Ross.’
      • ‘The fishes fell into the calcareous sediment at the bottom where they were preserved, some with fine detail of the scales and the fleshy parts of the body.’
      • ‘Within the valley, the upland soils have been formed almost exclusively from limestone and calcareous shales.’
      • ‘The board told of King Alfred's Cairn, a nature reserve of calcareous woodlands, permissive paths, interesting flowers and Heritage Lottery funding.’
      • ‘The shale layers are calcareous in composition and occasionally contain limestone nodules.’
      • ‘The bones occur in a dark olive-gray calcareous mudstone layer several decimeters below the thin limestone bed.’
      • ‘Paleoenvironmental interpretation of the overlying interbedded calcareous shales and thin molluscan limestones is beyond the scope of this report.’
      • ‘The Liard Formation is a variably thick succession of calcareous sandstone and arenaceous limestone that was deposited within and adjacent to the Peace River embayment in the Middle Triassic.’
      • ‘The Zhaohuajing Formation is composed of dark gray to black, argillaceous, nodular, bioclastic limestone with calcareous sandstone and siltstone in the basal part.’
      • ‘It can be found in a variety of open, sunny, wetland habitats including a pitcher plant bog, a wet calcareous outcrop and the edges of hardwood flood plain forests.’
      • ‘Rendzina - a shallow calcareous soil that develops where limestone/chalk is the parent material.’
      • ‘Zone 5 is characterized by deep-shelf, pro-deltaic, and shelf edge settings below storm wave base and generally lacking benthic calcareous algae.’
      • ‘Slices incorporate oceanic pelagic and hemipelagic lithologies such as chert, siliceous, calcareous and tuffaceous mudstone, limestone, and siliceous and calcareous shale.’
      • ‘Oceanic pelagic (cherts, micritic limestones) and hemipelagic (mudstones, siliceous and calcareous mudstones) lithologies dominate.’
      • ‘The canyon fill passes conformably upward into limestone and calcareous siltstone and sandstone of the Wonoka Formation.’
      • ‘At this locality, the two stricklandioid species occur mainly in yellowish green, thin-bedded, calcareous mudstone, associated with other brachiopods and rugose corals.’
      • ‘Particularly instructive is the effectively continuous high-resolution signal of the interval from the base of the upper coccolith limestone to the calcareous mudstone above the upper oil shale.’
      • ‘Only in low-energy environments is the sea bottom stable enough to allow the benthic, temperate carbonate producers to develop their calcareous skeletons.’
      • ‘Many benthic and nektonic organisms experienced a major crisis, including calcareous and organic-walled phytoplankton.’
      • ‘Granite rock is pretty much pH balanced, but most limestone or calcareous rocks will cause the water pH to go up or sour.’
      • ‘In limestone and calcareous grassland, the key nutrient involved is phosphorus, because calcium phosphate is relatively unavailable to non-mycorrhizal plants.’
      • ‘It consists of phyllites, calcareous sandstones and limestone conglomerates that are boudinaged and folded.’
      • ‘The Blubber Point Member, characterized by impure limestone and calcareous sandstone with minor shale, represents shallow, inner carbonate shelf deposition.’
      • ‘Based upon the presence of calcareous algae, benthic foraminifera and nudists, a lagoonal environment has been suggested for the upper part of the Ocozocuautla Formation.’
      • ‘Subtidal lithologies contain peloids, ostracodes, bivalves, gastropods and oncoids (with less common benthic foraminifera and calcareous algae).’
      • ‘As coccolith content increases the calcareous mudstone passes transitionally to a coccolith limestone.’
      • ‘The unit consists of limestone or calcareous mudstone and was deposited in a fully marine environment.’
      • ‘The ecology of different Ca physiotypes is thought to reflect their ability to utilize Ca as an osmoticum in primarily xerophytic, calcareous environments.’
      • ‘The two major microorganisms whose remains are thus fossilised in chalk are foraminifera and the spikes and cells of calcareous algæ known as coccoliths and rhabdoliths.’
      • ‘The emeralds are found in black calcareous shales interbedded with limestones of Cretaceous age.’
      • ‘In contrast, other areas that are also receiving acid precipitation, but have limestone and calcareous sandstone, contain lakes whose pH values are essentially unaffected by acid precipitation.’
      • ‘If a soil contains a substantial quantity of fragmented limestone, it can be described as calcareous, or calcaire in French, which has often been wrongly translated as chalk in English wine literature.’
      • ‘Typically, fens with pH values above 6.0 are associated with calcareous groundwater.’
      • ‘They migrate along the inner face of the blastula wall to form a ring in the vegetal region and lay down calcareous skeletal rods.’
      • ‘Bivalves are characterized by a pair of calcareous shells, or valves, held together with an elastic hinge ligament.’


Late 17th century: from Latin calcarius (from calx, calc- ‘lime’) + -eous.