Definition of calandra in English:


(also calandra lark)


  • A large Eurasian lark with a stout bill and a black patch on each side of the neck.

    • ‘For the Emberizinae, we used Voous for the position of Emberiza calandra, and the sister species E. schoeniclus and E. yessoensis were grouped based on information in Loskot.’
    • ‘However, no relationship was found between offspring sex ratio and male mating success in corn buntings Miliaria calandra or barn swallows Hirundo rustica.’
    • ‘For example, hoopoe larks have long decurved bills that are used for digging for insect larvae, while calandra larks have strong, stout bills that are used for eating seeds.’
    • ‘The Corn Bunting (Miliaria calandra) left has declined by 85% because of a severe reduction in areas of barley now sown, a crop which is a favoured site for nesting.’


Late 16th century: from Old French calandre, via medieval Latin from Greek kalandros.