Definition of Cadillac in English:



  • 1trademark A large luxury car that is the most prestigious brand of General Motors.

    • ‘They did, however, spend $650 a month to lease a Cadillac.’
    • ‘My Uncle drove us to Radio City Music Hall in his huge Cadillac to see Sophia Loren in "Boy on a Dolphin".’
    • ‘The men in the brown car waited in a parking space near Wheeler's black Cadillac.’
    • ‘I don't remember the guy campaigning in a Cadillac.’
    • ‘The race ended near a silver Cadillac parked in front of a driveway on Wright Avenue.’
  • 2Something that is an outstanding example of its kind, especially in terms of luxury, quality, or size.

    ‘the aircraft is widely regarded as the Cadillac of commuter planes’
    • ‘This is the true Cadillac of the railroad!’
    • ‘Its old organ dated to 1876, "a Cadillac in its time," said the rector.’
    • ‘It was the Cadillac of all operations and quite successful.’
    • ‘The place has turned from a Porsche into a Cadillac.’
    • ‘The seeds of Virginia peanuts are so big that they're called the Cadillac of peanuts.’
    • ‘This is the 'Cadillac' of saturation systems," said the team's leader.’
    • ‘At D we have the Cadillac of diamonds: A colorless stone.’


From Cadillac, Antoine Laumet de La Mothe.