Definition of cadelle in US English:



  • A small, dark beetle that is frequently found in food storage, where it scavenges and preys on other insects.

    Tenebroides mauritanicus, family Cleridae

    • ‘The cadelle is a species that normally hibernates, and it differs in this respect from a majority of the insect pests of stored grain and cereal products.’
    • ‘The cadelle is a beetle that is not common in stored grain.’
    • ‘The cadelle is believed by some entomologists to be a native of America, for all species of the family Ostomidae are found in the New World.’
    • ‘The cadelle is distributed worldwide.’
    • ‘The cadelle may have been originally a predator under loose bark, as other species of the family are today.’


Mid 19th century: from French, based on Latin catella, catellus ‘young (of an animal), little dog’.