Definition of cabstand in English:



  • A place for taxis to wait for passengers.

    • ‘While most of the larger hotels have cabstands, it's best to call ahead if you plan to get around by taxi.’
    • ‘Areas that attract high demand for taxi services - such as hotels, restaurants, train stations and airports - often provide cabstands where people can wait for frequently passing cabs.’
    • ‘They can be hailed on the street and they're available at cabstands in the city, as well as many hotels, restaurants and shopping centers.’
    • ‘Or it's available at the cabstand which is located in front of the station.’
    • ‘However, Henry began to spend too much time at the cabstand and his father began to resent it, giving him frequent beatings.’
    • ‘Afterwards, Henry tells the wise guys at the cabstand that he has to quit his job.’
    • ‘There are also cabstands at many of the hotels.’
    • ‘Drivers also pick up passengers waiting at cabstands or in taxi lines at airports, train stations, hotels, restaurants, and other places where people frequently seek taxis.’
    • ‘The cabstand was just ahead, and a cab was there, engine running.’
    • ‘He's my real-life boyfriend, so we have the emotional connectedness required to convince a cabstand full of strangers that we were a married couple on the brink.’
    • ‘At Dulles Airport, cabstands are hard to find.’
    • ‘A few families were waiting to greet them, but most headed in the direction of the cabstand.’
    • ‘Instead, either a phone call to the company or a walk to the nearest of many cabstands will do the trick.’
    • ‘It's simple enough to work the cabstands, pick up passengers, mindlessly drive them to their destinations, and then turn around and drive back to the cabstand to pick up the next passenger.’
    • ‘In May 1912 the cabstand was demolished in the interest of creating a garden in the middle of Broad Street.’
    • ‘At cabstands in many major airports like Chicago's O'Hare and New York's LaGuardia, there are special rates for people willing to share rides into the city.’
    • ‘The impacts of regulatory changes are most pronounced at cabstands and in the hailing segments.’
    • ‘Even before I first wandered into the cabstand for an after-school job, I knew I wanted to be a part of them.’
    • ‘Racers have lost time trying to hail a taxi because that's what they know to do, not considering that in some cities, you can't hail a cab on the street, you have to go to a cabstand, or call for one.’
    • ‘Working in oil, her subjects include landscape, genre, street scenes and buildings, with a special emphasis on horse drawn cabstands of old Montreal.’