Definition of cabman in US English:



  • 1A taxicab driver.

    • ‘Controversial plans for cabmen to wear ties were sidelined after they complained they could be strangled by violent passengers.’
    • ‘‘From the height the ball passed over the gate, and the fact of the ball dropping amidst some cabmen, I can safely say that the ball grounded full 160 yards from the bat.’’
    • ‘The landlady had heard them give several directions to the cabman, ending with Euston Station, and she had accidentally overheard the tall gentleman saying something about Manchester.’
    • ‘A Skipton cabman died in mysterious circumstances when ferrying he doctor to an emergency call out at School House, Malham.’
    • ‘He said night drivers were willing to boycott the rank inside the station over the issue, as cabmen did in 1997 before the company backed down.’
    1. 1.1historical The driver of a horse-drawn hackney carriage.
      • ‘The cabmen's shelter, which is historically important, has been damaged twice.’
      • ‘‘They were handed out in pleasure boats and omnibuses, left open on the tops of hedges, proffered on sticks to galloping horsemen, sent to criminals awaiting the rope, given to cabmen with their fare’.’
      • ‘The shelter now in Yarra Park is the earliest example of a portable, timber cabman's shelter.’
      • ‘He wrote sketches of the fashionable crowds on ‘the Block’ and the sharebrokers under ‘the Verandah’ as well as the cabmen in Bourke Street and the larrikins outside Wright's Gin Palace.’
      • ‘Some few minutes later the little group of cabmen and loafers that collects round the cabmen's shelter at Haverstock Hill were startled by the passing of a cab with a ginger-coloured screw of a horse, driven furiously.’