Definition of cable-stayed bridge in English:

cable-stayed bridge


  • A bridge in which the weight of the deck is supported by a number of cables running directly to one or more towers.

    • ‘The Sidney Lanier Bridge is the second cable-stayed bridge to be constructed in Georgia.’
    • ‘Charleston's Cooper River crossing is drawing on a flurry of advances in design and construction of cable-stayed bridges from around the globe.’
    • ‘On 20 July, Johannesburg opens the largest cable-stayed bridge in southern Africa.’
    • ‘When segmental construction is used as the deck of a cable-stayed bridge, span lengths can be much longer.’
    • ‘The largest cable-stayed bridge in southern Africa cost R85-million and was some two years under construction.’
    • ‘The largest visible part of the ‘Big Dig’ project in Boston, is the new cable-stayed bridge, crossing the Charles River.’
    • ‘Traversing the Brunswick River, the new 2500-foot-long Sidney Lanier Bridge is the longest and tallest cable-stayed bridge in Georgia.’
    • ‘Wrap the lower portions of cables on cable-stayed bridges and suspension bridges with CFRP or other types of armor to protect them from blasts and fragmentation.’
    • ‘That may be true of big, suspension and cable-stayed bridges, but here in Vancouver we have several examples of bridges that are not particularly attractive.’
    • ‘One such ‘first’ is the Leonard Sakim Bunker Hill Bridge, the world's widest asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge.’
    • ‘A highly redundant, statically indeterminate structure, a cable-stayed bridge can have an infinite number of possible combinations of permanent load conditions, with its response determined solely by equilibrium requirements.’
    • ‘The half marathon will precede the opening of the landmark Nelson Mandela Bridge, which is the biggest cable-stayed bridge in Southern Africa, with a length of 284 metres.’
    • ‘It is common in the towers of cable-stayed bridges to anchor the cables of the main span into the tower wall closest to that span and the anchor span cables into the tower wall closest to the anchor span.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the cable-stayed bridge was being erected over the main shipping channel, again with every consideration for the environment and aesthetics.’
    • ‘Johannesburg now has the largest cable-stayed bridge in southern Africa.’
    • ‘Residents say that the flow of water has increased ever since the completion of the cable-stayed bridge and Beniganahalli flyover.’