Definition of cabinet minister in US English:

cabinet minister


  • (in the UK, Canada, and other Commonwealth countries) a member of a parliamentary cabinet.

    • ‘As the system now works, most Canadians elect a backbench member of Parliament, not a cabinet minister.’
    • ‘We have a moronic cabinet minister pushing for environmental disaster because he wants to personally benefit.’
    • ‘It's quite extraordinary that a cabinet minister with some authority said something and an un-elected adviser slapped him down.’
    • ‘The first step is a prime minister or a cabinet minister who tells the truth and can be believed.’
    • ‘These moves follow a nationwide debate on medical services triggered by the death of an Indian cabinet minister in August this year.’
    • ‘But new information now suggests he changed his mind and the government was accused by a former cabinet minister of a cover-up.’
    • ‘The readjusted salaries are said to roughly equal 2.5 times the monthly salary of a cabinet minister.’
    • ‘We were the first province to have female legislators and a female cabinet minister.’
    • ‘I think we've come full circle when a former cabinet minister interviews a former political editor.’
    • ‘He is creating advisory posts in the rank of cabinet minister and political secretaries in the rank of minister of state.’
    • ‘We have a cabinet minister in this constituency and its about time he delivered for us.’
    • ‘It was headed by the secretary of state for foreign affairs, a senior cabinet minister, assisted by two under-secretaries.’
    • ‘No doubt many first-time delegates enjoyed meeting a cabinet minister and got a taste for politics.’
    • ‘When was the last time that two royals, one of which is heir to the throne, and a senior cabinet minister, left for a foreign funeral?’
    • ‘Don't you think that not addressing such a serious commercial threat from a cabinet minister is putting your head in the sand?’
    • ‘A cabinet minister couldn't enter his official bungalow for months because the monkeys wouldn't let any body enter the house.’
    • ‘Then I became a cabinet minister, and that seemed all right, and then we lost that election.’
    • ‘Their rigid conservatism frustrates all endeavors of a cabinet minister to adjust the service to changed conditions.’
    • ‘Many years ago a certain cabinet minister invited me to lunch.’
    • ‘The police take three weeks to even question the cabinet minister.’
    member of the government, political leader, secretary of state, secretary, undersecretary, department head, privy counsellor, politician
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cabinet minister

/ˈkab(ə)nət ˈminəstər/