Definition of cabezon in US English:



  • A heavy-bodied fish with a broad tentacle above each eye and a green-brown body with white patches, found on the west coast of North America.

    Scorpaenichthys marmoratus, family Cottidae

    • ‘Juveniles are taken by rockfishes and larger cabezon, as well as by lingcod and other sculpins.’
    • ‘The cabezons and lings on the north wall of the dry dock were huge.’
    • ‘The intertidal zone supplies fishermen with surf perch, cabezons, blennies, rock fish, pricklebacks, mussels and sea urchins.’
    • ‘You are allowed two ling cods over 22 inches in length, cabezons have to be 16 inches in length, and sea trouts must be at least 10 inches in length.’
    • ‘We used to see lots of big lings and big cabezons, and even leopard sharks, even though you couldn't get close enough to get their pictures.’