Definition of cabalist in US English:



  • See cabalistic

    • ‘The cabalists did not limit their activities to writing up talking points, however, but also engaged in field operations that caught the attention of the State Department and the CIA.’
    • ‘‘Woof’, ‘Pearly White’, and the other cabalists reason that a war will distract the public from the crumbling economy.’
    • ‘It's a crying shame that CSS, designed to be so simple and approachable to nonprogrammers, has turned into such a cabalist's affair!’
    • ‘The presidents have piled up more evidence suggesting college athletics is not about education in any way that matters but everything to do with maximizing revenue every way that matters to cabalists, capitalists and other educators.’
    • ‘Modern cabalists and chaos magicians often attribute popcult phenomena like comic book characters, music, etc. to the ten sephira.’