Definition of cabalism in US English:



  • See cabalistic

    • ‘This focus on source material rather than the modern cabalism serves to open the topic up for a more general discussion, an endeavor sometimes lacking in the fashionable exclusivity of some modern scholars.’
    • ‘If we do not see this programme before the elections, we will simply have to put this statement in the ‘political cabalism’ folder.’
    • ‘That which was really lost are the secrets of the Tabernacle's design, although, in a broader sense, they were merely concealed in the cabalism of the writings of Moses.’
    • ‘It was claimed that reason did not pass beyond what took place in laboratories or the cabalism of the mathematicians.’
    • ‘He identified the patriarchs of the Bible with the Druids of ancient Britain; traces of cabalism and alchemy, the influence of Boehme and Paracelsus, have all been discerned in his words and images.’