Definition of C-note in US English:



  • A 100 dollar bill.

    ‘Helen's dad handed me a C-note for bringing his daughter home and this paid for the gas’
    • ‘They are prolonged adolescents with trebled testosterone levels and pockets stuffed with too many C-notes.’
    • ‘I have a C-note that says Miami won't win the championship.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, a nice set, with case, will cost you just under a C-note.’
    • ‘He was busted for allegedly passing a fake $100, leading cops to find $16,000 more in counterfeit C-notes in his home.’
    • ‘You're going to be looking at this screen a lot, so it's worth paying the extra C-note.’
    • ‘I was paid off in cash, of course, C-notes.’
    • ‘I know it's costing me a C-note per month, but I have already received an entire year's worth of info in 3 weeks.’
    • ‘Anyone got a hundred singles for this C-Note?’
    • ‘Investors send their C-notes to the fund, are issued shares, and the team of investment managers figures out what to buy.’
    • ‘He checked his cash - he only had a C-note, so I said "No problem, I'll go get change!"’
    • ‘Some of his information came from beefy investigators, happy to pocket a C-note for a couple of hours' effort.’
    • ‘Should you spend your C-notes on these DVDs?’


1930s: from the Roman numeral C (for 100).