Definition of bystreet in English:



  • A side street off the main thoroughfare.

    • ‘Initially, the noodle was sold in bystreets and pipe alleys.’
    • ‘She said she lived in one of the bystreets named Huanxin bystreet, and her husband worked in China.’
    • ‘It chanced on one of these rambles that their way led them down a bystreet in a busy quarter of London.’
    • ‘Hostels, restaurants, internet cafes and travel agencies abound in its bystreets, competing for gringos attention.’
    • ‘This unusual city with many different lanes, passages, bystreets is full of monumental palaces and sanctuaries.’
    • ‘It's said that new streets and bystreets are planned to improve traffic in the reservation.’
    • ‘Salvador is divided in two: high city and low city connected by declives, bystreets, and avenues.’
    • ‘This medieval bystreet connects the headmost yard and upper yard of the castle.’
    • ‘The book gives you a detailed introduction to Beijing, such as geography, palaces, temples, bystreets and well-known persons with more than 200 photos.’
    • ‘Therefore, minibus drivers would try to pick up as many passengers as possible, traveling fast, covering more bystreets and often breaking traffic rules.’
    • ‘The communique mentioned that: we will attack the checkpoints as much as we can, and if we could not able to pass, we will use the bystreets in order to lift the siege imposed on the village.’
    • ‘I care not what any one says or writes, there is no part of New York so awful looking at night time as the back alley courts and bystreets of this part of London.’
    • ‘Passing through the little bystreets of the ancient cities of Europe, I don't understand what this is.’
    • ‘Streets criss-cross each other segmenting the city into grids, which are overlaid by numerous bystreets housing countless historic and cultural sites.’
    • ‘To purchase real Japanese articles necessitates visiting the dark narrow bystreets, and small upstairs shops where prices are surprisingly low.’
    • ‘The project calls for paving, lighting, tree-planting of the main street and bystreets.’
    • ‘Your idea of depicting a series of bystreets is great.’
    • ‘Demonstrators also closed main and bystreets in the province.’