Definition of byname in US English:


(also by-name)


  • A sobriquet or nickname, especially one given to distinguish people with the same given name.

    • ‘His byname is Greek for ‘silver.’’
    • ‘He fled from Rome, hid out with a kinsman of the nobleman from whom he took his famous byname, then went to Naples and Malta, and on, ever on, from there as news of his crime caught up with him.’
    • ‘The table below contains all of the 116 distinct bynames found in the poll tax data, together with etymological notes on as many of them as I can identify.’
    • ‘The Resurrection Man - to use a byname of the period - was not to be deterred by any of the sanctities of customary piety.’
    • ‘The byname Martel is attested from the 9th century.’
    title, denomination, honorific, label
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