Definition of by water in US English:

by water


  • Using a ship or boat for travel or transport.

    ‘at the end of the lake was a small gazebo, accessible only by water’
    • ‘Just after the attacks, the debris was brought by road; now, to cope with the volume, it is shipped by water.’
    • ‘Travel by water was better for much of the year until winter froze the rivers.’
    • ‘A canal could haul coal twenty times as far by water for the same unit cost as turnpike transport.’
    • ‘It is recognised for its general influence over sailors, shipping, and voyages by water.’
    • ‘Then, following a specially designed route by water and railway, the waste is transported to Russia.’
    • ‘The crews travelled down to Gravesend by water on the Saturday in order to take part.’
    • ‘Until very recently, travel by water was the most efficient way to move around.’