Definition of by the way in US English:

by the way


  • 1Incidentally (used to introduce a minor topic not connected with what was being spoken about previously)

    ‘by the way, pay in advance if you can’
    • ‘The physical design and layout of the book, by the way, are as good as they possibly could be, given its great length.’
    • ‘You should really read your employer's policies on discrimination against gay men, by the way.’
    • ‘Anyone with an interest in how it all worked should have a look at this morning's Washington Post, by the way.’
    • ‘Thanks for your kind thoughts and e-mails, by the way, they're very much appreciated.’
    • ‘Check out his blog by the way - it was always good and keeps getting better.’
    • ‘Did you know, by the way, that Portugal is the world's largest producer of cork?’
    • ‘By the way, have you ever noticed that doctors in hospitals tend to talk about you to their medical students as though you don't even exist?’
    • ‘Thursday, by the way, is also the day that our new kitchen gets delivered.’
    • ‘The current process, by the way, has been in place more or less unchanged for over fourteen hundred years.’
    • ‘The report she quotes, by the way, is available through this site, but only if you're prepared to pay for it.’
    incidentally, by the by, in passing, en passant
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  • 2During the course of a journey.

    ‘you will have a fine view of Moray Firth by the way’