Definition of by the truckload in US English:

by the truckload


  • In large quantities or numbers.

    ‘he had charm by the truckload’
    • ‘Lawrence had it all, a beautiful wife, two smart children, one a girl, the other a boy, and money by the truckload.’
    • ‘Most importantly they try to win games by scoring goals by the truckload.’
    • ‘He's always been good natured, has integrity by the truckload, and doesn't seem to toe his party's line.’
    • ‘We scrutinise them on the telly, murmuring, ‘Ooh, nice kitchen’ or ‘I wonder if that top's cashmere ’, and buy their books by the truckload.’
    • ‘I'm afraid we'll have to start buying water by the truckload again.’
    • ‘No prizes, then, for guessing which book you should read - nor for guessing which one will sell by the truckload in the United States.’
    • ‘What he has is character by the truckload, like Jimmy at a similar age.’
    • ‘But companies usually do it with a wince - after all, a year or so ago, they were buying shares by the truckload when they were far more expensive.’
    • ‘Colleges can easily find top-notch runners because the high schools churn them out by the truckload.’
    • ‘The show has potential by the truckload, and I'm uncharacteristically excited to see how it'll all develop.’
    aplenty, in abundance, in profusion, in great quantity, in large numbers, by the dozen
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