Definition of by order of in US English:

by order of


  • According to directions given by the proper authority.

    ‘he was released from prison by order of the court’
    • ‘I am writing this in Brussels on a Sunday when no private cars are allowed in the streets, by order.’
    • ‘If the child is in care by order of a Court then it is the Court and local authority who make the decisions about who the child can see.’
    • ‘The accused were brought from Lancaster to Barrow by order of the Home Secretary.’
    • ‘Children under the care of a local authority by voluntary agreement or by order of a court often have poor physical and mental health.’
    • ‘His microphone had been switched off, by order of the bench, but he carried on speaking.’
    • ‘Services will be curtailed while fire doors are replaced, by order of the Health and Safety Authority.’
    • ‘The Government must create a new wetland on the east coast by order of the European Court to replace two lost to development in Kent and Suffolk.’
    • ‘He was released by order of an examining magistrate on 30 June after 44 days without access to judicial review or to his family or lawyer.’
    • ‘Captain Leghorn, after registering five missions, was grounded by order of higher headquarters until after D-Day.’
    • ‘In 2001, the company started firing union members by order of the government.’