Definition of by mistake in US English:

by mistake


  • Accidentally; in error.

    ‘she'd left her purse at home by mistake’
    • ‘Apparently the parcel wasn't for us, it was for a completely different house and he put the note through our door by mistake.’
    • ‘I think my parents left the hospital with the wrong baby by mistake.’
    • ‘Those are the banned substances most frequently taken by mistake by players.’
    • ‘I thought he was a local drunk who had wondered into the group by mistake, until I realised he was handing out leaflets.’
    • ‘In other words, I accidentally clicked on it by mistake while pasting it in, before getting up to grab a book from a shelf.’
    • ‘I have taped up the door so I don't forget and go in there by mistake.’
    • ‘I left my stylus at the club by mistake, so I'll get the manager to drive around to your place and give it to you.’
    • ‘Going home from work in Oxford last night I accidentally got on the Bristol train by mistake.’
    • ‘Unconfirmed reports last night suggested the double safety doors at the top and bottom of the tunnel were left open by mistake.’
    • ‘Officials in Australia admit the passports were returned by mistake.’
    by accident, accidentally, inadvertently, unintentionally, unwittingly, unknowingly, unconsciously, by mistake, by chance, misguidedly
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