Definition of by main force in US English:

by main force


  • Through sheer strength.

    • ‘And then we shall henceforth decide by main force what truth and goodness shall be.’
    • ‘The point of the author is that the accursed sons are trying to claim the blessing given to Shem by main force, as though power and strength are our salvation.’
    • ‘This caused the walls to sink and split, allowing an assault to be made on the breach by main force, hopefully bringing the siege to a speedy conclusion.’
    • ‘He refused to comply with Henry's demand to accept a delay in payment and set about collecting his due by main force.’
    • ‘The initial reflex of the regime was to do what it has always done, i.e. crushing the slightest show of opposition by main force.’
    • ‘Lex was carted back to the nursery by main force, and Lionel buried himself in his work, ignoring the howls that echoed down the hallway.’