Definition of by hand in US English:

by hand


  • By a person and not a machine.

    ‘the crop has to be harvested by hand’
    • ‘We don't have to wash the clothes by hand or mend the holes in our shoes.’
    • ‘Incisions made by hand or machine have carved out this unique landscape for centuries.’
    • ‘It's not that long ago that cows were being milked by hand, now they're being milked by computer.’
    • ‘He glued the wood to the deck's sides, then drew and painted wings, finally cutting them out by hand.’
    • ‘Use strips of ribbon or braid to make a family monogram, or embroider it by hand or machine.’
    • ‘It takes a day to sew each accessory; the gloves, ears, masks, are all sewn by hand.’
    • ‘Otherwise it will be cast aside to be sorted by hand, as the machine operates on county names.’
    • ‘The boot shop has about 25 workers who produce boots by hand for the communities.’
    • ‘It was a slow process because voting used paper ballots, which were counted by hand.’
    • ‘In those days it was all done by hand and I'm not sure that anything was computerized.’
    manually, with one's hands, using one's hands, not by machine, not mechanically, freehand
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