Definition of by degrees in US English:

by degrees


  • A little at a time; gradually.

    ‘rivalries and prejudice were by degrees fading out’
    • ‘The yellow fades by degrees into a kind of cream.’
    • ‘People are not born criminal, they grow into it by degrees.’
    • ‘As time went by, a subtle change began to overtake her, transforming her by degrees into another person hardly recognizable to her children.’
    • ‘Changes take place by degrees - there are moments of violence but the security is in the status quo.’
    • ‘While that may happen by degrees over time, he feels the town is not ready for more restrictions yet.’
    • ‘His search for such connections between forms and names has led him, by degrees, to the sculpture-installation.’
    • ‘In the water, the same process takes place as the child gains gradual control of balance and, by degrees, increases movement ability.’
    • ‘It was only by degrees that I started to feel some kind of artistic calling.’
    • ‘It certainly feels as if I am relinquishing this city by degrees.’
    • ‘The women look friendly enough, but life is wearing them down by degrees.’
    gradually, little by little, bit by bit, inch by inch, by stages, step by step, day by day, slowly, slowly but surely
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