Definition of by accident in US English:

by accident


  • Unintentionally; by chance.

    ‘she didn't get where is today by accident’
    • ‘The family were involved in a road-rage nightmare after wandering into Ilford by accident.’
    • ‘The other issue Jon raises is knowing whether people were shot by accident or on purpose.’
    • ‘Liverpool have stumbled into next season's Champions League almost by accident.’
    • ‘That was the one I actually tried watching, but I kept missing episodes by accident.’
    • ‘The orchestra first came to Marlborough last December by accident last year.’
    • ‘She told the Citizen she became a goalkeeper more by accident than design.’
    • ‘Of course, the chances of this happening by accident are literally a hundred million billion to one.’
    • ‘But when Santa leaves him an extra present by accident Julian realises he will have to give it back.’
    • ‘I might have pulled my front brake by accident, which is why I went over the front, but I don't know.’
    • ‘He became a singer by accident after getting on stage to sing at a club.’
    • ‘I got into recruitment by accident and stayed for 11 years before setting up Kite.’
    • ‘He tries to put his hand on her knee but, afraid of seeming too forward, pretends he's done it by accident.’
    • ‘The assailants were possibly in the building and the bodyguard came upon them by accident.’
    • ‘It is clear that most are set off by accident: by the wind, by being badly installed, by nothing at all.’
    • ‘They discovered this entirely by accident, when a fire devastated their home.’
    • ‘Today I managed to fulfill one of my lifes ambitions, and almost by accident.’
    • ‘Renee Geyer enjoys a career that's spanned three decades but it all began by accident.’
    • ‘Quite by accident, Weir had stumbled on something so fulfilling that she devoted hours of her spare time to it.’
    • ‘Detectives, who are still hunting the gunman, believe the shot may have been fired by accident.’
    • ‘In truth, it was more by accident than design but it was a lucky chance which established his fame and fortune.’