Definition of by (or on) request in US English:

by (or on) request


  • In response to an expressed wish.

    • ‘Many are two bedroom with cots available on request, making them ideal for families.’
    • ‘A list of the furniture and effects included in the sale is available on request.’
    • ‘Don't list references or state, ‘References available on request.’’
    • ‘But cassette and video recorders are usually available on request or at least by arrangement.’
    • ‘It is also available by request to any school that would like to increase its awareness of threatened and endangered species and what can be done to protect them.’
    • ‘The study is available on request from the joint agents.’
    • ‘The turnover figures of the pub are available on request.’
    • ‘It is also our experience that some court staff are not aware that they are obliged to give copies of these statements to respondents on request.’
    • ‘Aim has an approved list of solicitors who are experienced in the area of family law, which is available on request, and leaflets outlining the most frequently asked questions about separation and divorce.’
    • ‘Information on stress cracks, starch, protein, and oil is available on request for a fee since they have been classified as ‘official criteria.’’