Definition of by (or in) virtue of in US English:

by (or in) virtue of


  • Because or as a result of.

    • ‘Diana was a non-entity who achieved greatness through marriage, and by virtue of her beauty.’
    • ‘If they are killed, they are at any rate killed in virtue of what they are doing.’
    • ‘It occupied that place in virtue of a conceptual error.’
    • ‘We felt kinda out of place here by virtue of not wearing polished shoes, smart pants and a designer shirt.’
    • ‘The 64 runs that took him to 103 came by virtue of 14 fours and a six and a six and two singles.’
    because of, on account of, by reason of, by dint of, by means of, by way of, via, through, as a result of, as a consequence of, on the strength of, owing to, thanks to, due to, based on
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