Definition of by (or at) someone's side in US English:

by (or at) someone's side


  • Close to someone, especially so as to give them comfort or moral support.

    ‘a stepson who stayed by your side when your own son deserted you’
    • ‘And all she could do was sit and feel quite helpless, wishing she was at Anna's side to comfort her and hold her hand.’
    • ‘I wanted to make sure these people were going to stay by my side and they were going to love me until I left.’
    • ‘But, now that I have returned, I would like to take this opportunity to promise to stay by your side forever.’
    • ‘It is beneficial to reassure your child that you will be staying by their side, and promote the idea that the hospital is a safe place to be.’
    • ‘I cannot see what Roy thinks of me, but he is the only person that I know who will stay by my side, no matter what.’
    • ‘She has told police that she is prepared to stay by his side for as long as it takes.’
    • ‘My guide was brilliant, he stayed by my side and kept me going all the time.’
    • ‘I long to be by your side to comfort you in your time of pain.’
    • ‘But, my dear lady, I wish to remain with you, to stay by your side and protect you in times of danger, and to assist you as you live out your destiny.’
    • ‘She stayed by my side, and defended me when someone decided to say something negative to me.’