Definition of by-catch in US English:



  • The unwanted fish and other marine creatures caught during commercial fishing for a different species.

    ‘they had been netted as a by-catch but had to be thrown back into the sea dead’
    mass noun ‘squid fishermen transfer salmon by-catch to boats that supply the black market’
    • ‘Ballan wrasse tend to be a by-catch for most anglers when fishing breakwaters and easy access rock marks.’
    • ‘This is an ecologically minded practice for it prevents over fishing and eliminates by-catches.’
    • ‘But, to protect the pilchard stocks, the ministry will set up a control mechanism to monitor the presence of pilchard in catches and will close an area for fishing if pilchard is present in the by-catch.’
    • ‘They have always acknowledged that when that occurs and kahawai are caught as a by-catch, it is entirely appropriate that fishers can take them home, smoke them, and provide them on the roadside for New Zealanders to enjoy.’
    • ‘Bat rays are often caught in trawling and gill nets as unwanted by-catch.’
    • ‘It had long been known that setting on tunas associated with logs produced high by-catches of other tuna species, sharks, mahi-mahi, wahoos, billfishes, and other large marine predators.’
    • ‘Ices yesterday called for a ban on cod fishing in the North Sea, the Irish Sea and off the west coast of Scotland - and for a moratorium on fishing in areas where the species is caught as a by-catch - to rebuild fish stocks.’
    • ‘There should, however, be just enough commercial quota to cover the inevitable by-catch so that that is properly accounted for, but kahawai should not be targeted.’
    • ‘Thys is concerned that molas comprise an ‘alarmingly’ large portion of the eastern Pacific drift net fishery by-catch, and that population numbers in the western Pacific are declining.’
    • ‘With modern fishing we can accept a cod by-catch of, say 2%, in other fisheries whilst stopping fishing for cod as a main catch for a few years.’
    • ‘It estimated that the by-catch, cod, haddock and whiting, trapped along with these small fish is about five per cent of the total swept up by these nets.’
    • ‘This was due to the now scientifically proved belief that substantial amounts of cod were a by-catch of prawns.’
    • ‘And because cod are a by-catch of haddock, whiting and prawn, other key fisheries should be closed too.’
    • ‘We also know that many species are caught in phenomenally large numbers by fishing them, typically as by-catch from longline fishing worldwide, but also from trawls and gill net, than any other kinds of fishery.’
    • ‘When a food bank contacted them about starting a program to collect the by-catch for donation to chanties, they were on it in a flash.’
    • ‘To use a commercial fishing term, recreational fishermen now find themselves the by-catch in this argument.’
    • ‘And as the green lobbyists go on to complain, this is a system based on measuring what is landed on the quay, not on the by-catch which is thrown back into the sea for being under-sized or over-quota.’
    • ‘The commission argues that the fishery must be restricted since cod, in desperately dire straits, is caught as a so-called by-catch of the prawn fishery.’
    • ‘To ensure that the oceans continue to serve as one of our most important food reservoirs, there are many problems which must be addressed, notably over-fishing, wasted by-catches and pollution.’
    • ‘The advice will cover not just fisheries that target cod in these areas, but also fisheries that catch cod as a by-catch.’