Definition of by/in comparison in US English:

by/in comparison


  • When compared.

    ‘computer-based communication is extremely fast in comparison with telephone or postal services’
    • ‘The amount of weblogs that get a lot of traffic each day is pretty tiny in comparison with the number of weblogs in the world.’
    • ‘In a word, it was rather trite and pale by comparison to past years.’
    • ‘Taxes in South Africa were relatively high in comparison to the rest of the subcontinent.’
    • ‘I hate to compare but it makes my emotional state seem very beige by comparison.’
    • ‘Of the things that he had seen in this world, this was only quite tame by comparison.’
    • ‘He showed them that the lives they had before were pretty good in comparison.’
    • ‘It is entertaining to read but seems rather trivial in comparison with its predecessor.’
    • ‘Doubtful prairie dogs have a proportionally larger neocortex in comparison to other mammals.’
    • ‘Our presupposition is pretty fantastical in comparison to the one held by the general population.’
    • ‘It is a good vintage and the prices are pretty reasonable in comparison to the 2000.’
    comparatively, in comparison, by comparison, proportionately
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