Definition of buzkashi in US English:



  • A sport in which teams on horseback compete to gain possession of a headless animal carcass and bring it to a scoring area. It is the national sport of Afghanistan.

    • ‘Pashtun in the northern regions of Afghanistan enjoy buzkashi, or ‘goat pulling,’ a game in which men on horseback compete for possession of a dead goat or calf.’
    • ‘‘To many Afghans, buzkashi is not just a game,’ says the site, ‘it's a way of life’.’
    • ‘As Shah puts it, describing her participation during the Soviet occupation in a match of buzkashi, a wild and woolly Afghan precursor to polo played with the carcass of a calf.’
    • ‘During the first weeks of the new year, villages and towns across Afghanistan shut down when buzkashi starts up.’
    • ‘Soccer is so popular that many believe it rivals buzkashi.’
    • ‘Hazaras in some areas take part in the national Afghani game, buzkashi.’
    • ‘The people with typical costumes, folk dances, music and sports such polo and buzkashi provide the travellers with an unforgettable experience.’
    • ‘At the hippodrome on the city's edge, thousands of cheering and whistling spectators watched about 50 riders, many in red-and-black traditional robes, compete furiously at buzkashi.’
    • ‘Afghans have been playing buzkashi for centuries (polo has its origins in buzkashi).’
    • ‘A favorite Afghani sport is called buzkashi, or ‘goat pulling.’’
    • ‘Six-feet tall and athletically built, he was 22 when he himself first began playing Buzkashi in the Jauzjan province of his native Afghanistan.’