Definition of buyer in English:



  • 1A person who makes a purchase.

    • ‘By encouraging first time buyers into the market it will bring more movement to it.’
    • ‘No one knows who bought the cars, as none of the buyers wanted their purchase to be made public.’
    • ‘The idea that house buyers on new estates should purchase their own wheelie bins is ludicrous.’
    • ‘As we speak, the business is trading on and we are hopeful we will find a buyer.’
    • ‘He told campaigners that he would speak to representatives in the licensed trade to see if he could find a buyer for the pub.’
    • ‘It was then that one of my customers asked me to find a prospective buyer for their house.’
    • ‘In the end, we escaped pretty lightly and our buyers supported the market as well as they could.’
    • ‘The move has been delayed yet again as our buyer has changed her buyer yet again.’
    • ‘Builders recognise the first-time buyer as a valuable market and build accordingly.’
    • ‘British buyers know they are taking a calculated risk investing in the north ahead of a settlement.’
    • ‘A little hope is a powerful thing, especially to a first-time buyer in a hostile market.’
    • ‘Yet there is another side to this market - and buyers who ignore it could feel the pinch later on.’
    • ‘It is mandatory for the buyer to send the money in advance to get his purchase home delivered to him.’
    • ‘Sales in which several potential buyers carried out multiple surveys were a problem for buyers.’
    • ‘The investigation also helped police track down alleged buyers of the videos.’
    • ‘Under the definitions, any major trade buyers would fall foul of the regulations.’
    • ‘This increases the difficulties faced by first-time buyers entering the market.’
    • ‘The anonymous buyer apparently then consumed the contents of the bottle in one sitting.’
    • ‘New-car buyers have an even better opportunity to avoid paying fuel tax by buying a car with a diesel engine.’
    • ‘If it doesn't get to profit soon, it will need to recapitalise, or find a trade buyer.’
    purchaser, shopper, customer, consumer, client, patron, investor, user
    clientele, patronage, public, trade, market
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    1. 1.1 A person employed to select and purchase stock or materials for a large retail or manufacturing business, etc.
      • ‘She was a retail buyer for 5 years before starting a family.’
      • ‘Prior to joining the company, she was a retail buyer for various department stores in the Midwest.’
      • ‘His father was an engineer turned salesman and his mother a retail buyer.’
      • ‘The M&S buyers would do well to taste this vineyard's Pinot when choosing their next supplier.’
      • ‘There were fears the new buyer might move manufacturing out of Scotland to cheaper centres in the Far East.’
      • ‘At the time, he was a fashion buyer with no mountaineering experience - apart from a trip to some rocky Welsh countryside.’
      • ‘The response from fashion buyers, the press and the public has been incredible.’
      • ‘Unfortunately retailer buyers in America are resisting the urge to buy PCs in droves.’
      • ‘For many manufacturers, the customer is regarded as the retail company's buyer.’
      • ‘Wholesale buyers no longer come to the fruit and fish markets or to buy fabric and clothing.’
      entrepreneur, business person, industrialist, manufacturer, tycoon, magnate, big businessman, employer
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