Definition of buy-in in US English:



  • 1A purchase of shares by a broker after a seller has failed to deliver similar shares, the original seller being charged any difference in cost.

    • ‘A director said, ‘The change in the commission rates has increased the number of buy-ins, which, while depressing turnover, has clearly helped the average.’’
    • ‘He reassured shareholders that an announcement of an initiative was likely in three to four weeks and hinted very strongly that it might be a buy-in of shares.’
    • ‘The buy-in cost is normally 1% but they can be a fantastic way of getting into quality investments in a way you couldn't afford off your own bat.’
    • ‘The share buy-in will cost him around £30 million which will leave him around £100 million to fund the business.’
  • 2A purchase of shares in a company by managers who are not employed by it.

    • ‘A management buy-in is a similarly-structured deal, but the professional owner-managers are brought in from outside the company being sold.’
    • ‘The company, which is based in Waterford City, was the subject of a successful management buy-in last August.’
    • ‘Venture capitalists can assist you in buying a business either by a management buy out of the business you are running or a management buy-in of a suitable business in an area chosen by you.’
    • ‘Since then discussions have taken place leading to the agreement of a follow-on sale of the Irish business to the management buy-in team.’
    • ‘The bank provided the finance for what ranked as the biggest management buy-in in the country last year.’
    • ‘He has extensive small and medium enterprise sector experience, including start-ups, management buy-outs, buy-ins, turn-rounds, mergers and acquisitions and exits.’
    • ‘It has become increasingly common for private equity firms to undertake extensive management 'due diligence' before making a buy-in investment.’
    • ‘Private equity investments encompass everything from the funding of new companies - the early expansion capital - to management buy-in and buy-out transactions for established companies.’
    • ‘A management buy-in (MBI) has all the features of an MBO but carries much higher risk, because the prospective management team has less familiarity with the business.’
  • 3The buying back by a company of its own shares.

    • ‘Finally, a popular means of extracting funds tax efficiently is by way of a company buy-in of its own shares.’
    • ‘If a company changes its Articles of Association to allow a buy-in of its own shares this should not change our fundamental approach regarding the discount for lack of marketability.’
    • ‘The share buy-in has been financed partly out of the company's own cash resources and the balance by recourse to bank facilities provided by a syndicate of banks arranged by a bank in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A.’
  • 4Agreement to support a decision.

    ‘the CEO got a buy-in from all his vice presidents to launch the new product’
    • ‘The specific combination of interventions being used, the amount of time allowed for improvement, the amount of support provided, and the degree of buy-in from local stakeholders may all influence the results.’
    • ‘There also has to be a few must-haves thrown in, most particularly buy-in at board level.’
    • ‘The early buy-in from athletes gave Under Armour much-needed credibility and generated word of mouth among college and high school jocks.’
    • ‘Another suggestion - and a very cooperative one, I felt - which could easily have got the buy-in of everybody in the industry, was an insurance programme.’
    • ‘At issue for the future is whether these factors - when set in the context of legal constraints, public support or opposition, and private school buy-in - are sufficient to tip the balance in favor of more programs.’
    • ‘Once senior managers have seen early results, their buy-in can pave the way for a smooth rollout to other parts of the organization.’
    • ‘You need to have a complete buy-in for the partnership on both sides - it can't just be at the CEO level.’
    • ‘A good leader has to encourage people to shoot holes in his/her ideas, but then turn around and obtain buy-in from those same people.’
    • ‘But you can't enforce these laws across an entire economy without a buy-in of business, without a buy-in of media, and consumers, and everyone else.’
    • ‘When you're establishing a peer-review process from scratch, the key is to secure the buy-in of the principals.’
    • ‘By placing the customer at the centre and ensuring the buy-in from the team, Etosha has established an excellent reputation in the market.’
    • ‘I also started going out to meet with recruiters to get buy-in for our new curriculum, to tell them that we were going to become a powerhouse.’
    • ‘He advises easing the process by making the succession plan a regular topic at board meetings, identifying internal candidates, and gaining the buy-in and support of the outgoing leader.’
    • ‘I found that the more people knew what the goals were, the better the buy-in I got - and the better the results we achieved together.’
    • ‘With buy-in from her faculty, trustees, students and alumni, she led the campus in a two-year planning effort that resulted in the decision to see that every freshman would receive a laptop upon registration.’
    • ‘And you really need their buy-in, because it's a massive effort to standardize across all those sites.’
    • ‘Having buy-in from management is the first step of any successful program, he says.’
    • ‘You can do this by illustrating proof of concept, securing buy-in from key strategic partners, using independent research materials and/or endorsement by someone the venture capitalist respects and trusts.’
    • ‘But in larger enterprises, getting buy-in from the decision-makers on a relatively new methodology may be the bigger challenge.’
    • ‘And they are the only ones who can truly get the buy-in and participation of people in the organization as a whole.’



/ˈbaɪ ˌɪn//ˈbī ˌin/