Definition of butyrin in US English:



  • Any of three glyceryl esters of butyric acid found naturally in butter.

    Chemical formula: C₃H₅(C₃H₄O₂)₃

    • ‘Sweat I can understand (more beef in the diet might lead to more butyrins excreted in perspiration), soap likewise... but tobacco?’
    • ‘When combined with butyrin and water, it made a cheap and more-or-less palatable butter substitute.’
    • ‘In some fats - e. g., butter - part of the fatty acid is replaced by lower fatty acids - e. g., butyric, or in porpoise oil, by valerianic acid - both occurring as glycerin esters, butyrin, valerin, respectively.’
    • ‘Besides, they possess good storage stability, can be dissolved in low M.W ketones (acetone, butanone) and esters (acetic ether, acetic butyrin).’