Definition of butyraceous in US English:



  • Of or like butter.

    • ‘Clearly, the selection process for membership ensures the selection of balbutient loggerheads with butyraceous brains jectigating in the reniform hallways of mediocrity.’
    • ‘The flowers yield their active properties to water by infusion, and when distilled give over a small proportion of volatile oil, which on cooling assumes a butyraceous consistence and contains an appreciable portion of ammonia.’
    • ‘A volatile oil is contained in the external coat of the seeds, while a green-colored, fat oil of a butyraceous consistency, is obtained by expression of their inclosed substance.’
    • ‘They are moist, round, and convex with a butyraceous consistency and a slight gray-yellow color.’
    • ‘Palm oil is of a butyraceous consistence, of a reddish-yellow or orange-yellow color, and a pleasant odor.’