Definition of butylene in US English:



  • Any of several isomeric hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum and used to make polymers and in organic synthesis.

    Chemical formula: C₄H₈

    • ‘Cracking crude oil based feedstocks such as naphtha or gas oil yields higher ratios of the ethylene co-products propylene, butylenes and butadiene plus the aromatic products benzene, toluene, xylenes along with other co-products.’
    • ‘Its production can be increased by the same methods discussed above to increase the yield of total butylenes.’
    • ‘Therefore if all the caustic soluble oxygen re-entered the butylenes in the extractor, the butylenes would contain far less than the 20 wppm. maximum specification.’
    • ‘Did your run across any work on the concentration of butylenes by absorption prior to alkylation?’
    • ‘These alkoxynitriles are known from the above patents to dissolvebutadiene - 1,3 in preference to the less unsaturated butylenes and butanes.’