Definition of butyl rubber in US English:

butyl rubber


  • A synthetic rubber made by polymerizing isobutylene and isoprene.

    • ‘The old butyl rubber hood has been replaced with a flame resistant material to protect against a vehicle fire and a new drinking system, which increases hydration capacity.’
    • ‘Depending on the type and location of the flashings, roofing tar or silicone or butyl rubber sealants can be used to seal small cracks and gaps.’
    • ‘PVC and butyl rubber gloves can be used for spraying and they are also suitable for handling and silage additives.’
    • ‘We measured 3.0 g of each soil (field moist) into two sets of 38-mL serum vials, sealed the vials using butyl rubber septa and crimp seals, and removed oxygen by flushing for [sim] 3 min with ultra high purity [N.sub.2] gas.’
    • ‘And flashing is made of butyl rubber, which bonds better and lasts longer than conventional materials, says one building science consultant.’
    • ‘The ‘Solution’ basketball features a 100 percent high-performance butyl rubber bladder for air retention and more than 3,000 meters of three-ply nylon thread, which provides shape retention and bounce.’
    • ‘Gloves made of butyl rubber, nitrile, and fluoride-containing hydrocarbon polymer (ie, Viton) have been shown to provide adequate protection from glutaraldehyde.’
    • ‘The body mounts are made f a micro-cellular urethane / butyl rubber compound and are tuned specifically for their purpose.’
    • ‘The mask is made of butyl rubber, is very hot and doesn't fit the face very well.’
    • ‘In his design, Kuma paid special attention to the changing visual quality of this material; butyl rubber and plastic screws were selected for the construction, so as not to diminish the lightness and translucency of the plastic.’


butyl rubber

/ˌbyo͞odl ˈrəbər/