Definition of buttress root in US English:

buttress root


  • A tree root whose upper, exposed parts project from the trunk like a buttress.

    • ‘There are endemic white-flowering begonias which reach several metres tall, trees with buttress roots the size of a small house and countless stands of bamboo towering over the path like crashing tsunami.’
    • ‘An hour later, they were deep in the rain forest of Corcovado National Park, hiking along a trail flanked by giant ferns and shaded by 70-metre-tall trees anchored to the thin soil with buttress roots.’
    • ‘Country Energy wants to put underground cables along the street and the buttress roots would be severely damaged.’
    • ‘Instead, rain forest trees are often supported by thick buttress roots.’
    • ‘When I find Matt, he's standing beside a buttress root taller than he is.’