Definition of buttonhook in US English:



  • 1A small hook with a long handle for fastening tight buttons (often formerly on buttoned boots or gloves).

    • ‘A combination buttonhook and zipper puller having a tapered elongated portion can be inserted in buttonholes of different sizes to grasp buttons of different sizes for buttoning.’
    • ‘Victorian boots often had lots of loops and buttons to fasten, and this buttonhook helped with that.’
    • ‘Buttonhooks are sticks with a wire loop at the end, and they come in many styles and sizes.’
  • 2American Football
    A play in which a pass receiver runs straight downfield and then doubles back sharply toward the line of scrimmage.

    • ‘This helps make #2's buttonhook all the more effective.’
    • ‘For a buttonhook to be effective, the receiver must convince the defensive back covering him that he is going to continue his pattern downfield.’