Definition of buttonbush in US English:



  • A low-growing North American aquatic shrub of the bedstraw family, with small tubular flowers that form globular flower heads.

    Cephalanthus occidentalis, family Rubiaceae

    • ‘Butterflies feasted on purple asters, and dragonflies zigzagged over the buttonbushes, which bore a crop of round, dry fruits.’
    • ‘Native shrubs scattered beneath the canopy include buttonbush, dahoon holly, Virginia willow and wax myrtle.’
    • ‘Common buttonbush is the most abundant shrub, though bastard false indigo and silverling are also present.’
    • ‘Shrubs of buttonbush and elderberry are frequent beneath the overstory and form dense thickets wherever an opening occurs.’
    • ‘Native buttonbush and Southern wax myrtle put up with poor drainage.’