Definition of buttle in US English:



[no object]humorous
  • Work as a butler.

    ‘there is no one today worth buttling for’
    • ‘A butler for 25 years and head of butling at London's Lanesborough Hotel for the past nine, Davoren is author of Manners from Heaven, a little book of dos and don'ts to guide your children through the vagaries of contemporary table manners.’
    • ‘When she conducts an ad hoc job interview on Powell, she asks him ‘Do you buttle?’’
    • ‘I know all about butlers and the fine art of buttling.’
    • ‘We got used to having our butler, Kathy, press our clothes and bring us poolside drinks, and wondered how we had ever lived without being buttled.’


Mid 19th century: back-formation from butler.