Definition of butterweed in US English:



  • A yellow-flowered plant of the daisy family, closely related to ragwort.

    Genus Senecio, family Compositae: several species, including the common butterweed (S. vulgaris) of the Pacific states and Bolander's butterweed (S. bolanderi), found especially along the Pacific coast of North America

    • ‘Layne's butterweed grows in open rocky areas of gabbro and serpentine soils within chaparral plant communities.’
    • ‘Streambank butterweed is found from British Columbia south to California, and east to Saskatchewan and New Mexico.’
    • ‘Layne's butterweed often grows in gaps in chaparral.’
    • ‘Among them, butterweed is a cool-season annual that usually grows to 18 to 20 inches tall.’
    • ‘Tall butterweed also has well developed upper leaves and is in much drier habitats.’