Definition of butteriness in US English:



  • See buttery

    • ‘As well as a great frog motif on top of the cork, this wine impressed with its delicate, sweaty, fresh nose giving way to green apples, freesias and a creamy butteriness with good acidity.’
    • ‘The bland butteriness of the potato is a perfect vehicle for the truffle aroma and texture.’
    • ‘The only exception was so-called butteriness in the wine, which increased with the cheese.’
    • ‘The pastry was light and pliable, the nuts were freshly roasted and crushed, hence gloriously free from the rancity that comes with age and they had a lovely homemade butteriness and just enough syrup to moisten.’
    • ‘Compact and slightly piquant, this cheese has assertive smoky aroma and flavor with a pleasant butteriness on the finish.’