Definition of butterfly orchid in US English:

butterfly orchid


  • An epiphytic wild orchid of South America with large yellow and red flowers that somewhat resemble a butterfly in shape.

    Oncidium papilio, family Orchidaceae

    • ‘Bauhinia forficata, or Brazilian orchid tree, also is known as white butterfly orchid tree or simply white orchid tree.’
    • ‘Colorful butterfly orchids from Taiwan received two awards at the Sakoliki International Flower Show in Moscow, organizers said yesterday.’
    • ‘The tour ended in a forest of trees with blooming white blossoms of phalaenopsis, or butterfly orchid.’
    • ‘Burnt, fragrant, marsh and butterfly orchids can all be found here, but top of the pile is the lady's slipper.’
    • ‘Among them are butterfly orchid from Timor and Maluku, and mini orchid from North Sulawesi.’