Definition of buttercup in US English:



  • A herbaceous plant with bright yellow cup-shaped flowers, which is common in grassland and as a garden weed. All kinds are poisonous and generally avoided by livestock.

    Genus Ranunculus, family Ranunculaceae (the buttercup family): numerous species, including the very familiar common buttercup (R. acris). This large family also includes anemones, celandines, aconites, clematises, and hellebores, many of which have poisonous seeds

    • ‘The lane squeezes tight between dry-stone walls, big green views billow away to the north and there are bijou meadows soaked with buttercups as tall as daffodils.’
    • ‘Something besides the dandelions and buttercups glowed golden.’
    • ‘I recall clutching colorful handfuls of pale blue cornflowers, dainty yellow buttercups, fragrant pink wild roses and yes - golden black-eyed Susans.’
    • ‘Consider first the static form of a simple flower such as a buttercup or daisy.’
    • ‘The flowers are similar to buttercups and have very short stems.’
    • ‘Teresa had made herself a bright yellow dress that reminded Scott of the buttercups and daffodils back east.’
    • ‘The woods are nice, carpeted in the blue, yellow and white of bluebells, buttercups and anemones.’
    • ‘These natural pigments, which produce yellow, orange, and brown hues in plants, from buttercups to carrots, are always present.’
    • ‘I figured I could at least clear most of the long grass, buttercups and bitter cress, while avoiding the clumps of bluebells which have strayed into the vegetable patch while my back was turned.’
    • ‘Some rivals of the purple lilac included the buttercup, goldenrod, Mayflower, wood lily, purple aster, apple blossom, and the evening primrose.’
    • ‘One afternoon, on the anniversary of the day she was taken from her family's home, Irina walked through a field of flowers - daisies and buttercups, poppies and sunflowers.’
    • ‘Radially symmetrical flowers, such as buttercups and tulips, have a single type of petal arranged the same way all around a center.’
    • ‘After crossing yellow meadows full of buttercups, the ponies struggle to keep their footing on rough moorland.’
    • ‘What happens in plants such as buttercups, in which radially symmetrical flowers are the norm?’
    • ‘In early spring, white-flowering bulbous cress and waxy yellow swamp buttercup provide bright splashes on the forest floor.’
    • ‘Some liberated lawns will surprise you with a flush of lady's smock, tall meadow buttercups, ox-eye daisies and even orchids.’
    • ‘The scenery gradually changed from the rolling plains to grassy meadows, with little yellow buttercups dotting the now slightly hilly terrain.’
    • ‘Daffodils, wild hyacinths and tulips, snowdrops, bluebells, daisies and buttercups littered the earth.’
    • ‘There are sprinklings of yellow and white from buttercups and clover, and dock weeds tower above the lot.’
    • ‘I chose a warm open field at the end of the road: soft fluffy little white clouds, buttercups, cow parsley, bang up against a forest, and buzzing with soft bumbly bumblebees.’