Definition of buttercream in US English:



  • A soft mixture of butter and powdered sugar used as a filling or topping for a cake.

    • ‘The focus of this class is learning and perfecting various kinds of piping and flowers made from buttercream and royal icing.’
    • ‘But instead, I use her recipe for buttercream frosting and make cupcakes.’
    • ‘The first bite of this little cookie of almond-enriched meringue reveals sweet and reassuring buttercream… then the disconcerting jolt of musky, earthy white truffles.’
    • ‘Here the biscuit and buttercream were subtly infused with Matcha powder instead, so that every rich chocolate bite was followed by an aromatic green tea after-shadow, slightly seaweedy but in a good way.’
    • ‘He continued to decorate a few dozen cupcakes, all covered with bright blue buttercream frosting.’
    • ‘For the rose petal cream: In bowl of food processor fitted with paddle, cream buttercream and butter until fluffy.’
    • ‘I actually got intimidated by the amount of sugar used, so cut some down in the cake and buttercream (for the lemon curd and pine trees parts, well, there wasn't much I could do).’
    • ‘It's about being stressed out and not knowing any other way to be good to myself besides eating cupcakes with buttercream frosting.’
    • ‘For the vanilla buttercream: Combine sugar, water and vanilla bean in small saucepan.’
    • ‘I think you should do a whipped cream chocolate icing (rather than buttercream or ganache or something) because it's lighter in color.’
    • ‘You can also put a buttercream on top, flavoured in the same way.’
    • ‘Others - notably anything frosted with the unpleasantly grainy chocolate buttercream frosting - can cloy.’
    • ‘They're different in that what I would normally put as a filling - butter and sugar - is instead made into a syrup or buttercream, and placed in paper cups.’
    • ‘Transfer buttercream to pastry bag fitted with small tip and garnish edges of each cake.’
    • ‘Sherman's rhythmic snoring soothed him and he liked the way his partner always smelled like buttercream frosting on a cake.’
    • ‘Pipe some peanut butter buttercream into the bottom, cover with a cupcake piece, and set aside on a parchment-lined sheet pan.’
    • ‘The worst thing you can do is expect him to match your ten to twenty years of feminine wisdom on the relative merits of buttercream vs. fondant.’
    • ‘Katja's key to success is American buttercream.’
    • ‘It's a chocolate bottom, filled with vanilla buttercream.’
    • ‘When using buttercream, frost entire cake thinly.’