Definition of butter tart in US English:

butter tart


  • A tart with a filling of butter, eggs, brown sugar, and, typically, raisins.

    • ‘Canada Day's coming up next week - and, as much as I thrust out my chest out in civic pride for this day, I can't help but think of butter tarts.’
    • ‘The majority of readers picked butter tarts as their most enjoyed Canadian food.’
    • ‘Another specialty is butter tarts, also a quintessential Canadian treat.’
    • ‘I spend my Sundays making butter tarts for my daughter.’
    • ‘What's a Christmas party without an acre of butter tarts?’
    • ‘It's not exactly the area you'd expect to find country scones and butter tarts, but this veteran pastry chef is finding a way to make it work.’
    • ‘The chocolate butter tart is outstanding, with flaky pastry, a rich filling and lots of pecans.’
    • ‘The main course would be salmon with sugar snap peas and lemon sauce or roast pork shoulder with succotash followed by a cherry brown butter tart with berries and softly whipped cream.’
    • ‘The Ritz home was always a warm and comforting place and the food was pretty good too, mostly hearty food such as macaroni and cheese, butter tarts and lemon cakes.’
    • ‘Seasonal items you will wish to offer are dainty cookies and squares, shortbread, Christmas puddings and fruit cakes, chocolate Yule logs, mincemeat pies and butter tarts.’
    • ‘A man playing the accordion entertained us as we noshed on a bacon sandwich and a butter tart on a bench by the water.’
    • ‘Desserts, including an outstanding chocolate butter tart, are perfect for sharing.’


butter tart

/ˈbədər tɑːrt/