Definition of butter-soft in US English:



  • Having an extremely soft, smooth texture.

    ‘butter-soft handmade leather bags and sandals’
    • ‘That translates into breezy linen pants, butter-soft elongated coats and light-as-air knits.’
    • ‘Grilled sirloin steak on arugula ($18) comes in a pile of delicious slices stained by balsamic vinegar and pebbled with shavings of grana padano, the butter-soft flesh cut only slightly more thickly than one might see in Milan.’
    • ‘All styles feature durable double-knit that bonds two butter-soft materials: a jersey exterior and plush poly interior crafted from ultra-fine fibers.’
    • ‘Your body's warmth melts the mix of waxes and gels, creating a butter-soft texture.’
    • ‘The snow leopard looks like an enormous kitten with butter-soft paws but with fantastic strength and lightning speed.’
    • ‘The hall opened to a spacious living room with a butter-soft leather sofa, wide-screen television and overstuffed chairs.’
    • ‘I loved the butter-soft texture of this product and its delicious, cakelike scent.’
    • ‘At the far end of the room, his father Cameron leans back in his thick, butter-soft brown leather chair, listening to someone on his speakerphone.’
    • ‘Loewe, which has its roots in leather, goes for butter-soft jackets and easy pants.’
    • ‘You'll pay a premium for butter-soft calfskin (from young female cows).’
    • ‘So how will chefs replace foie gras, with its butter-soft texture and rich, subtle taste?’
    • ‘The butter-soft leather of the footwear is beautiful, but don't even think about putting in a rush order.’
    • ‘Ease into a butter-soft leather reclining seat.’
    • ‘That could mean a simple, soft-shouldered two-button jacket tailored in glossy, butter-soft leather.’
    • ‘Two clamshell bao buns came filled with butter-soft short rib topped with horseradish sour cream and shaved scallions.’
    • ‘Sometimes, you might be invited to the house of a particularly inventive cook who serves you a butter-soft steak cooked at ultralow temperatures.’
    • ‘So did a charcuterie plate special, with its slippery-smooth, butter-soft shredded pork rillettes; its elegant duck mousse; a rough venison terrine; and thin, rosy slices of superb, home-style dry sausage.’
    • ‘When a friend bought super-sleek butter-soft leather leggings from Balenciaga, I was outwardly happy for her while inside raging with jealousy.’
    • ‘The clean, beautifully delineated flavors and textures practically burst on the tongue: the rich, butter-soft raw tuna cut like elegantly squared pasta; the tart rush of brothy soy-ginger marinade.’
    • ‘The shirts are made of butter-soft cotton and come in various styles (V-neck, three-quarter sleeve, henley, wrap) and colors (pale blues and pinks, orange, fuschia, charcoal).’