Definition of butt ugly in US English:

butt ugly


North American
  • Extremely unattractive.

    • ‘From the outside, it's a butt-ugly effect.’
    • ‘Oh - and you're butt ugly!’
    • ‘At the same time, that doesn't mean these shoppers want something butt ugly, nor will they settle for something that limits expansion possibilities in the future.’
    • ‘Back then there were two big shopping malls - Town Square, a butt-ugly early 80s twin to Minneapolis' butt-ugly City Center.’
    • ‘Like a mother bringing up a butt ugly child, we must do the right and noble thing: love it for what it is.’
    • ‘'If it can withstand the strain of having to record your butt ugly face then I'd say it's pretty much indestructible,' I quipped.’
    • ‘I wouldn't say that I was poor either, just as I would say that I'm not great looking or butt ugly.’
    • ‘He is butt ugly and should not be confused with myself.’
    • ‘Isn't, um, the whole charm of the thing due to those butt-ugly puppets?’
    • ‘He's butt ugly and can't act.’
    • ‘Then in the spring of 2005, the bridge design was labelled a butt-ugly structure.’
    • ‘It was o.k. because he wasn't butt ugly or anything.’
    • ‘Shackled by the butt ugly menus and lack of true innovation, it'll be a bargain bin dust collector.’
    • ‘I wouldn't want you thinking I'm butt ugly.’
    • ‘I'll take the crispness of this over this, which is one butt-ugly website.’
    • ‘Though they aren't exactly butt ugly, they don't look like Ziegfeld showgirl material either.’
    • ‘The world may look better to you afterwards, but damned if you're still monkey butt ugly to me.’
    • ‘As predicted since the butt-ugly problem erupted, the "aesthetically pleasing enclosure" helped to push the project cost $585,000 over budget.’
    • ‘I must complain about your butt-ugly young editor.’