Definition of butt joint in US English:

butt joint


  • (of wood, metal, etc.) a joint formed by two surfaces abutting at right angles.

    • ‘Square-groove butt joints can be welded without filler metal in base metals up to 2.5 mm thick.’
    • ‘The greater the included angle in a butt joint, the least dilution of the filler metal.’
    • ‘Use dowels at each butt joint and when you cut your stock make it long enough for the amount of overlap that you desire.’
    • ‘When possible, butt joints in the decking should be avoided.’
    • ‘The normal procedure for making a butt joint in clad plate is to weld the backing or steel side first with a welding procedure suitable for the carbon steel base material being welded.’
    • ‘Join these pieces with butt joints and glue, nails, or screws.’
    • ‘It's not every day that a client comes along and wants a silicone butt joint glass box added to a Grade-B listed building.’
    • ‘The mortised joint is even neater than the butt joint, but you must cut a mortise into the post for this joint.’
    • ‘When two furring strips are joined, the butt joint should always be over the center of a joist.’
    • ‘When wood is treated in place, liberal amounts of the solution should be applied to all lap and butt joints, edges and ends of boards and panels.’