Definition of butcher paper in US English:

butcher paper

(also butcher's paper)


  • A type of heavy paper, originally used for wrapping meat.

    ‘I was hanging butcher paper on a hallway bulletin board’
    • ‘I cut tan butcher paper into 8 1/2" x 11" pieces, although any light-weight paper could be used.’
    • ‘Beef, chicken, turkey and ham sliced thin stands at the ready in its white butcher paper in the refrigerator.’
    • ‘Under the second teacher's watchful eye, four more toddlers scribble enthusiastically on the butcher paper that is taped to another table.’
    • ‘Diners sit at high tables covered in butcher paper or at low tables in front of a stage where blues bands perform on the weekend.’
    • ‘Where the lunchbox is concerned, tin foil, waxed paper, and butcher paper are all portable, non-plastic options.’
    • ‘Cover your counters with something liked taped butcher paper, but leave the outside edge exposed.’
    • ‘Mother put her market bag down and fished out the brown butcher paper Mr. Belz had given her.’
    • ‘The backdrop was a big sheet of butcher paper covered in hand-written poetry.’
    • ‘The doctor wrapped the remains in butcher paper.’
    • ‘The only paper shipped was a supply of colored butcher paper on rolls.’